teachers or bcbas should have the ability to create tracking sessions that are assigned to multiple support staff as data collectors.
The session can run by multiple staff members throughout the day for 'continuous data collection.' If a session is 6-8 hours long, often multiple staff will run programs with the client throughout the day. Staff need to be able to access and collect data for the same session without ending the session. A 'pause or suspend data collection' button might be helpful for the periods of time when staff are transitioning ownership of the session, but the session has not yet ended. The session recap screen could also indicate which staff collected for which particular programs (graphing/reporting by staff member is another existing request).
The person who created the session should have the ability to see the session in progress (read-only mode, e.g. teacher/bcba). The data collectors should have the ability to take control
Note the current workaround for this request is creating a session on one device and passing that device from staff member to staff member to avoid ending the session and ensure continuous data collection.