staff tracking progress on iep goals are rarely doing it real time like aba data rather after the fact entering many scores for multiple students and goals. right now, staff create tracking sessions for past date, select goals/stos 1 by 1 for 5-20 students, then enter scores and anecdotal notes.
Quick wins to make the session creation process faster and accessible from student profile. Create the session fast by picking date, start/end time, and search for students > start session. In session, add goals real-time for each student from sidebar. For each student, allow staff to enter a student level note and a session level note.
On student profile, can access the data from two places: sessions tab which has all sessions filtered by type or on the goal itself, under data/graphs sub tab, display data table with all observation dates, score, notes, observer of goal.
Display STOS front and center with data on the sto by observation date also instead of in sub tab.