LiftEd v. 3.3..... Just as the season has changed, so has LiftEd! 🍂
Lifted v. 3.3 was released on October 8, 2021, at 6 AM.
Just as the season has changed, so has LiftEd! 🍂 We released a new version of LiftEd on October 8th at 6 AM. Version 3.3. 🤩
New Features & Improvements
Major Enhancements to the Student Profile
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Goal Tab:
Quick Goal Tab Overview Pic
Activity Tab
Acitivity Overivew
Printable Activity Reports with Graphs
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Print, Save, Share with Parent - The options are endless. 🚀
Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 5
District Libary
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Sharing is caring! A space to create and use activities and behaviors is here! 👏
Regular Permissions Activities
For more information on User Rights & Permissions for the Library click here
Faster Tracking
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Prepoulated fields, select all filters, and dropdowns have been added to allow for fewer clicks when creating a tracking session. ⏱️
Faster tracking
We always want your feedback
🤩 Check out our roadmap & current bugs where you can create & check the status of future or recent bugs.
Happy Tracking!