LiftEd 3.16 Behavior and Goal Updates
v3.16 released on 2/14/23 at 9:15AM EST
New Features & Improvements
  • After duplicating behavior, the title will now be “Duplicate [Name]” to easily identify which is the duplicated version.
Bug Fixes ⚒️
  • The “Area of Need” and “Current Progress” tooltips in the Goal pages of student profiles now contain text.
  • When hovering over values in the Goal title, the text will now display and adjust to the screen size.
  • Behavior tracking button “+” and “-” will now allow for the number “0”.
Top Priority Feature Requests & Enhancements
These are top priority requests reported by LiftEd users that our engineering team is working on next:
  • Graphing enhancements
  • Tracking session summaries with target level data, prompts used, etc
  • Creating new tracking sessions 10x faster
  • Assigning activities and behaviors to students 10x faster
  • Behavior progress / graph report PDF export
  • Improved prompt level tracking
  • Seeing behavior observation summaries for each behavior from student profile
  • Improved mastery workflow
...and more!
We want to hear from you!
To request features, upvote existing feature requests, or report bugs/issues in LiftEd, please click/tap the orange chat icon in the LiftEd app, scroll down in the widget:
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